Fibre and Calories

Fibre and Calories

Is Fibre ‘The Missing Macro Nutrient’?

Fibre is mostly found in plant foods, including vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

The benefits of eating more fibre include:

  • Reducing cholesterol by preventing absorption
  • Promoting a healthy weight by keeping you fuller for longer due to slower digestion
  • Adds bulk to the digestive tract to promote healthy bowel movements
  • Helps with blood sugar control as fibre slows digestion and sugar highs and lows
  • May reduce the risk of colon cancer due to specific antioxidants and interactions with our gut microbiota

Calorie checker

1g carbs = 4 kcal

1g protein = 4 kcal

1g fat = 9 kcal


Based on 2,000 kcal p/d

40% – Carbs = 200g = 800 kcal = 50/50


40% – High quality protein = 200g = 800 kcal

20% – Good fats = 45g = 400 kcal


The RDA for protein = 0.8g per kg of body weight per day. The optional upper limit is 2g per kg of body weight per day. So that’s weight in pounds x 0.36 = protein requirements per day. Alternatively, halve your body weight per day in grams, so if you weigh 130 pounds = 75gof protein per day.


A low carbohydrate diet is defined as consuming between 50-100g refined carbs p/d. This  is  equivalent to up to 400cals, and so the rest should be sourced from complex carbs, fats, proteins and fibre as mentioned above.


Consuming up to 100g of good quality fats per day is considered safe. But aim for monounsaturated fats, and saturated and polyunsaturated only in small quantities. Include omega 3 (EPA and DHA) from oily fish 2-3 times per week. Avoid trans fats.

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