The Complete Health Path Programme

Taking you on a journey to better optimal health

The Complete Health Path is a programme that has been exclusively curated by myself, Layla Gordon, Registered Nutritional Therapist. I understand what it takes to maintain a health a wellness, and that small changes overtime can lead to big optimal health outcomes.

At the root of many issues lies digestive health, and I am passionate about working with and guiding my clients through a series of steps to help them to feel better in themselves though increasing digestive health, as well as looking at all aspects of health such as weight loss, sleep issues, energy, brain fog, hormones, food sensitivities, and much more.

Together we will go on a journey to discover the root causes of your symptoms and by mapping these together, we will work step-by-step to improve on your health goals in a safe and non-judgemental setting.

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Are You Familiar with These Issues?

Look after your health, and your health will look after you.

If you’ve been suffering from any of the problems outlined above and have been looking for a viable solution, then you’re in luck!

Layla Gordon Nutrition offers exclusive live insights within her community, where you can discover more about how digestive, immune, hormone and overall health can be optimised to live your best life. Join the exclusive community here.

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How will The Complete Health Path benefit you?

The Complete Health Path Programme looks at all aspects of your health, not only your digestive health, but your immune, hormone, insulin, heart and brain health as well as much more. When you enrol on The Complete Health Path I will begin by evaluating your extensive health form to analyse your health from a functional medicine perspective, taking into account all aspects of your wellbeing journey to this point and beyond. You will begin to achieve:

Health Path Programme

By the end of the programme, I want all of our clients to have undergone a true transformation of both the body and the mind. You will be more aware of what steps to take to achieve your individual goals and will have the knowledge that is required to make positive changes in your life for the future. The most important aspect of our course is providing all clients with the skill and knowledge needed to take better care of themselves alone.

I have made sure that our clients will have access to a wide range of useful resources both for the duration of our course and upon its completion. Our team wants to ensure that you have long-term access to information that will help you to maintain a healthier lifestyle, as well as a sounder state of mind. Just a few of the excellent resources that you will have access to for FREE include:

What’s more, my health plan courses are tailored to the needs of each client. While I have a general framework that is suitable for most clients, I am able to alter specific goals by speaking with you one-on-one. You will have access to a WhatsApp group chat that’s available from 9am – 6pm during the week and will also be able to take part in Zoom chats with our experts. No matter how your goals change throughout the course, you can depend on our staff to be there every step of the way.

Meet The Experts

When you enrol on The Complete Health Plan Programme or gut health masterclass, you will be working with professionals who have a wealth of experience and knowledge. All our resources and classes are handled by our staff, as they help every client to get the most out of our comprehensive courses. You can get a better idea of what each member of staff has to offer below:

The Complete Health Path Team

Hi, I’m Layla and I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist based in Dorset. I’m passionate about delivering an evidenced-based and comprehensive service to my clients that will enable them to get to the root cause of their health concerns. I use the functional medicine model to deep dive into each health profile to give me a bird’s eye view for a complete health picture. I can then take a look at the body as a whole and use a therapeutic approach to peeling away layers of niggling symptoms one-by-one to help my clients to finally feel better in themselves. I’m excited to welcome Bez and Vanessa into my VIP programme. I’ve chosen to work with them because their skills complement my mission, enabling our clients to get the most of out of a full 360, mind and body reset.

Hi, I’m Bez and I’m so excited to be working with Layla on this amazing life changing health transformation programme. I am passionate about helping people gain the most from their mind and body. My job as a transformation coach is to help people take on and develop the positive habits that they need to gain the most out of their physical as well as mental health.

Hey, I’m Vanessa, a fully qualified fitness coach and massage therapist and I am so happy that Layla asked me to join her and Bez on this transformation programme. After my own journey to good health and fitness I take a very positive and motivational approach to training which sees my clients reaching their individual goals faster and adopting new and lasting fitness habits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to take advantage of a comprehensive course that will help you to better manage your health and allow you to set and achieve realistic goals, then ours is the course for you. I don’t lead people up the river with unrealistic expectations, as I instead focus on implementing realistic goals and helping our clients to achieve them comfortably. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to your health aims rather than a mere quick fix, then you’ll find that ours is the course for you.

Overall, the complete health programme that we offer consists of a 12-week course that is followed up by an 8-week aftercare package. During the 12 weeks, you will be provided with a minimum of four one-to-one zoom sessions to discuss your goals and progress, and you will also have access to specialised workout sessions provided by our personal trainers. The initial 12-week period is long enough for you to have set a healthy foundation for your new lifestyle and way of thinking for the future.

Through our course, you will gain the ability to better manage and realistically assess your health goals. I will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and skills that are required to better understand your body. At the end of the 12-week period, you will receive a certificate, but the most important thing that you’ll be getting out of the course is a new state of mind and approach to life. By enrolling in our course, you will be taking the first step to changing your health and mindset for the better!


Over the years, many people have taken advantage of my courses and reaped the benefits of my resources and knowledge. Thanks to my efforts, many past clients have found their overall health and lifestyle to be significantly improved. A lot of clients have left fantastic reviews praising the efforts of our staff, the content of our courses, and the professionalism of our experts. Below, you can read some of the excellent feedback that I’ve received, giving you a better idea of what to expect from our specialists:

"Thank you dearly Layla for your work. Your expert level and intense knowledge on nutrition causes quite a marvel. I had problems such as regular stomach pains and severe tiredness, but you gave me great and detailed advice on how to help both problems. And I do feel considerably better so I cannot thank you enough for your work."

Layla, thanks so much for helping me heal my gut, it is working how it is suppose to now and has helped my so much not just physically but emotionally after one of the hardest years of my life. I finally feel like im getting back on track and living the life I'm meant to live. Eternally grateful for your service and friendship ❤️"

"Layla is probably not even aware of how much she helps. It is far beyond nutrition, just knowing she is there, has my back and supports me no matter what is the kind of support that doesn't happen often. My nutrition, although not perfect is so much better and I am so much more aware of myself and my choices, meaning I am making better ones more often than not. Thank you."

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Nutritional Therapists recognise that every person is unique and, therefore, has an individual set of dietary requirements. It’s my job to establish what improvements or changes an individual can make to their diet to improve their overall health and well-being.

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