See what my satisfied clients have to say about my services.


I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2019 and high blood pressure in 2022. I was struggling to cope and get to grips with my health and the only medical assistance I was offered was medication and told to “lose weight”. I was so disheartened by it all, but I saw Layla’s posts about the Complete Health Path and reached out to her.
Layla is absolutely amazing, ensuring that the programme was bespoke to my specific needs throughout.
I finally feel like I am gaining back control of my health.
I have gained more than just a nutritionist, I have gained a friend and mentor. Layla, you will never know how truly thankful I am.

Gail, Kent

Following my gallbladder removal, I had been suffering from various digestive and bowel issues for a number of years. As well as suffering with IBS since I was a teenager.

After seeing the doctor on many occasions and not really getting anywhere, I found Layla.
She listened to everything I had to say and made me feel so at ease. After some testing, nutritional changes, and suitable supplements, I am now feeling so much better and more confident.
Without Layla and her guidance, I would not be at the stage I am now. Her knowledge and understanding of my symptoms have helped in more ways than she will ever know. A huge weight has been lifted, and I could not have done it without her.
Layla is an exceptional nutritionist, and I highly recommend her services.

Jess, Dorset 

I contacted Layla because I was finding it difficult to recover from an inflammatory condition. I had taken a long term course of steroids and these had really had a negative impact on my body. I am also in perimenopause. My GP's advice was just to keep moving. I have an interest in gut health and thought more could be done so contacted Layla. We spent a long time talking about my history, what I had tried already in terms of diet, exercise and supplements and what my goals were. Through elimination of sugar, some dairy and wheat and the right supplements for me, including an incredible omega oil, I am feeling so much better. Layla is extremely experienced and keeps up to date with the latest research and my blood test results were proof that my inflammatory markers have reduced, so not only do I feel better there is evidence to prove it! There is a real power in the benefits of the right nutrition and positive gut health to improve our general health.
Thank You Layla ! x


Anna, Dorset

I found Layla online after struggling for years, not with massive health issues but enough for me to want to do something about!!

I’ve tried healthy eating and other fads over the years, but never really gained anything. I didn’t really know what to expect, but the journey has been incredible. Layla is super informative, she’s with you every step of the way, and will always find the answer for you.

I’ve learnt so much about my body but also the right choices for living a better life and that’s not a quick fix, it’s small changes that gradually change old habits. I feel more energised, lighter, have more energy and make better food choices.
If you really want to make a long-term change to your health then I can’t recommend Layla enough she is a wealth of knowledge and I’m so grateful to have found her. 🥰🥰


Sinead, Dorset 

Having sessions with Layla have been an absolute joy. She has helped me to uncover some of the key and missing links in what has been a very long healing journey and I am incredibly grateful for her wisdom and commitment in supporting and helping me.

I have felt very much cared for during my time with Layla and from the start I knew that she wanted nothing but the best for me and for me to live my life in the healthiest and most fun way possible and in the way that is right for me.

Within her programme, Layla provides you with a safe space for you to just be you and to share your stories about your health and your concerns. She fully appreciates that you know your body and mind better than anyone and listens to you wholeheartedly and then seeks to find the solutions that work best for you. On top of this, you get to experience some incredibly tasty recipes that she has lovingly created.

Layla is incredibly passionate about her work and this shines through in her sessions with you. Don’t hesitate in working with her, you won’t regret it!


Karen, Dorset

How do I summarise working with the FABULOUS Layla.

She has helped me through so much over the last few months and I will be forever grateful.

Getting time to talk to her about your issues, with food and your health is great. She makes sure the plan is 100% tailored for you and makes sure you fully understand it. 💕


Jess, Dorset 

Just had an insightful one to one session with Layla.

Very grateful for this opportunity to have a realistic evaluation of my nutritional status, fitness and hormones.

Thanks for an excellent and informative overview, personally tailored to my needs. Practical advice and suggestions offered with an understanding and empathetic approach. Invaluable help and highly recommended.

I’m feeling great!

Thank you beautiful soul 🌻


Dani, Dorset 

It’s so very hard to put into a summary how special Layla is but I would like to try.
Her knowledge is outstanding and she knows so well how our bodies and minds work.
She constantly spends time learning new things, creating new recipes and even recently building a new clinic for us to visit her in!
She is so kind and caring and this is definitely not a job it is a passion for her.
She cares so much about helping others.
I have been on Layla’s complete health programme and there are so many modules to learn from, videos, handouts, exercise plans, meditation, meetings with Layla to review and action plan - everything you need.
Layla is so motivating, she demonstrates absolute role model behaviour guiding me to good choices.
I feel so much better since following Layla’s advice, less bloated, less tired, more energy, happier and lighter!
I have learnt so much since I have been on this journey and these are changes and lessons for life.
I thank you Layla and I recommend you to everyone 🙂


Jodie, Dorset 

I can’t recommend Layla highly enough. Having been very unwell and subsequently diagnosed with an autoimmune condition affecting my liver, I was feeling pretty helpless before meeting with Layla. Her advice and support has not only lead to a significant improvement
in my physical health but she has also really helped my emotional health by showing me that I do have control over my condition. I always come away from our sessions feeling positive and empowered (and her diet plan has some lovely recipes!)

Charlotte, Dorset

It has been wonderful working with Layla. She is so knowledgeable and supportive and she puts you at ease straight away. Layla truly listens and looks at any way she can support you to ensure you are on the right path for health and nutrition and I’ve learnt so much from her about how to feed and look after my body and health. Layla is approachable and answered all of my questions. Her food plan and recipes are delicious and taste amazing, and many require very little prep and cooking time so they are great for busy people! Since starting the supplements Layla recommended I’ve had improved gut health, had more energy, felt so much better overall and I’ve lost weight too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Layla


Charlotte, Dorset 

Just wanted to let you know I’ve had the best blood test results ever! My inflammation markers are the lowest I’ve seen them and I’m feeling full of energy, pain-free and happy! I’m so glad I changed nutritionists to you as you’ve fully supported me and got me on track with what I needed to do. It’s amazing how effective nutrition is - if only more doctors knew! Thank you for all your advice and for being there for me. Living with autoimmunity hasn’t been easy, but now I worry less about my health and it feels amazing.


Rachna, Dorset 

I've struggled with my hormones for many years and back and forth from the doctors nothing has been sorted or addressed. But then I started seeing Layla! Straight away she's got to work and pinpointed the reason for all my health and hormonal issues. I really love working with her, she's super friendly and extremely knowledgeable and I'm excited to see some good results and to start feeling like myself again!
Thank you Layla


Victoria, Dorset 

Thank you dearly Layla for your work. Your expert level and intense knowledge on nutrition causes quite a marvel. I had problems such as regular stomach pains and severe tiredness, but you gave me great and detailed advice on how to help both problems. And I do feel considerably better so I cannot thank you enough for your work.


Charlie, Dorset 

"Layla, thanks so much for helping me heal my gut, it is working how it is suppose to now and has helped my so much not just physically but emotionally after one of the hardest years of my life. I finally feel like im getting back on track and living the life I'm meant to live.  Eternally grateful for your service and friendship ❤️"


Nadia, Leeds

I cannot thank Layla enough. I have suffered with fainting for years and didn’t think I’d ever get a hold of it, but she has completely solved my issue and spent so much time looking into all the details which made a huge difference to my life. She’s fantastic at what she does and so friendly and easy to talk to. I would and have highly recommend her to others.


Yasmin, Dorset 

Another Happy Health Path Client!
Fantastic progress in just two weeks!
- Less bloated
- Less brain fog
- More energy
- More motivation to exercise
- Avoided all refined carbs and high sugar items
- Enjoying the smoothies and meal guide
Well done!


Rob, Dorset 

"Layla, I wanted to say A HUGE thank you for the short time we spent in consultation together… you’ve transformed the way in which my body works! Your advice and steer has really helped.. 
- no bloating 
- passing stools regularly and no discomfort
- lots of energy
I recently had an MRI and check in with neurologist.. it’s a satisfactory scan and he doesn’t want to see me until next year! 🙌🏽
I couldn’t be happier. The food swaps have really helped and cutting out / reducing the culprits has done me wonders. 
I’m feeling great! Thanks so much for your advice and the research you shared."
Rachna, Dorset 

"It’s hard to put into words how much Layla has helped steer my life in a new direction. Like anything I was skeptical at first, with so many past attempts to gain better eating habits, more sleep, lose weight etc.

I am 10 weeks in, my whole relationship with food has changed, I am sleeping the best I’ve slept and so far lost close to 10kg. It’s brought me so much clarity and focus in all areas of my life increasing productivity, self belief and overall happiness.

Thoroughly recommend it."


Ben, Dorset 

"Layla is probably not even aware of how much she helps. It is far beyond nutrition, just knowing she is there, has my back and supports me no matter what is the kind of support that doesn't happen often. My nutrition, although not perfect is so much better and I am so much more aware of myself and my choices, meaning I am making better ones more often than not. Thank you."


Tom, Torquay 

"Putting into practice Layla’s recommendations has had an incredibly powerful and positive impact on my life. I feel significantly more energised, I’m sharper and more focused at work and my general sense of well-being has increased dramatically. It's been quite a life changing experience. Layla goes above and beyond, and I think it’s rare to find someone who puts such genuine and heartfelt care into the well-being of their patients. I love working with Layla and can’t recommend her highly enough."


James, London 

"After many years of suffering with certain foods, I thought enough was enough and I wanted expert advice on what was causing my symptoms.  I started my consultation with Layla and from the very first meeting I knew this was the right decision.  Layla was amazing and had already researched my symptoms and by the end of 2 short meetings we had a plan in place.  3 months later I have lost a huge amount of weight, I am not bloated and have more energy than ever before.  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Layla for her relaxed, professional and detailed approach."

"I really enjoyed working with Layla. Her approach to my plan was extremely professional, thorough, and positive. In a complex field, Layla was very clear, concise, and broke things down so I could digest (literally) in simple terms. I'm well into my wellness journey Layla set and I can say that's it's truly made a difference. I'm enjoying a more balanced way of living with a better knowledge of how to sustain it and why."

"It was such a pleasure working with Layla who explained the reasoning behind all the foods that she recommended so that you really feel like not only are you eating amazing food but you are optimising your health too. Whenever you have to alter your 'go to' foods and meals, it's always a worry that you won't adapt. But Layla's meal plans introduces you to flavours and foods that you enjoy so much that you are quickly looking forward to the next meal. The spacing of the meals in the eight hour time-frame means you always feel full up and don't need to 'graze', so you soon feel much trimmer too."

“We did Layla’s meal plan during a busy week in the summer and we thoroughly loved the programme. The recipes were brilliant and really easy to follow. Layla’s extensive knowledge and support throughout made the entire experience an absolute pleasure. We started to feel fresh and energised after just a few days of eating different foods and trying new things and by the end, we were feeling fantastic! We’re looking to continue rotating the meal plan on a bi-weekly basis as it makes life so much easier.” 

"What you have done is nothing short of amazing, especially for people like me who are quite difficult. I’ll be forever grateful as I’m making better decisions and much better life choices, and everything is going really well - so you Layla are a superstar."


Tony, Dorset 

"I've been trying to get to the bottom of my digestion issues for decades now. I have seen multiple doctors, had cameras down my throat and seen skin specialists over the years and none of them have worked out what has been wrong. Well done Layla, I have my diet under control now and feel better than ever. Layla's knowledge base is second to none and I can't fault her approach. She really has looked after me, sorted me out and built my knowledge so that I will never go to that place again!"

"Hey, I just wanted to let you know that since following your low carb diet, the results have been amazing. I've had so much more energy. I've been raving about how much you've helped me and I wanted to let you know and tell you how grateful I am. It feels like I've come back to life as I believe my low mood was due to malnutrition. I feel stronger and ready to start gradually exercising again."

"I am another Happy ‘Complete Health Path’ Client who..
- Banished brain fog with the use of targeted supplements
- Reduced weight, with a small target to go over eight weeks
- Explored new recipes and stuck to the low carb, low sugar way of life
- Incorporated pilates, cycling and soon the home gym."

"Hey, I just wanted to let you know that since following your low carb diet, the results have been amazing. I've had so much more energy. I've been raving about how much you've helped me and I wanted to let you know and tell you how grateful I am. It feels like I've come back to life as I believe my low mood was due to malnutrition. I feel stronger and ready to start gradually exercising again."


Louise, Kent

"I've been trying to get to the bottom of my digestion issues for decades now. I have seen multiple doctors, had cameras down my throat and seen skin specialists over the years and none of them have worked out what has been wrong. Well done Layla, I have my diet under control now and feel better than ever. Layla's knowledge base is second to none and I can't fault her approach. She really has looked after me, sorted me out and built my knowledge so that I will never go to that place again!"


Neal, Bristol

How lovely to work with someone so knowledgeable, patient and great too.

Layla’s strategy is to listen, suggest what could work for you and monitor your progress.
Nothing intrusive. And it’s up to you if you want to improve or not. Layla is there every step of the way.


Danny, London 

"I am very happy to have found Layla when I did. Her knowledge and experience has given me confidence to deal with my bowel condition.
I am so grateful to how quickly Layla responds to any of my questions and gives me new information between appointments, I have not experienced that with any other service.
I would highly recommend Layla to anyone who wants to take control of their well-being. She’s lovely!"
Diana, Poole

"In 2020 amidst the world's pandemic I was diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune disease that affects the eyes. I had a course of steroids for months and had 3 surgeries but the inflammation in my eye was coming back and I was in a very low place mentally and physically. In the end of 2021 I decided to seek alternative routes and meeting Layla through friends was a lifeline I needed. Layla took time to learn my family history advising me to completely cut out dairy and 9 months on I am pleased to say I just had another clear scan. The mental relief of not going back to steroids is probably the best feeling for me. I feel forever grateful. I am probably a very difficult patient as I always moan and break the rules but I like to think Layla enjoys the challenge 🙂 I honestly can't recommend Layla Gordon highly enough. Thank you again Layla."

Lana, Dorset 

'My IBS is 90% better’

‘I went to see Layla with serious tummy and gut issues. After 3 visits over 6 months on her brilliantly put together gut protocol and diet advice I am pretty much pain free. As long as I stay away from the chocolate! Thanks Layla, definitely recommend her. She also shares her wealth of knowledge in so many other areas of life too’. 

Terence, Dorset 

Another happy ‘Complete Health Path’ client…

'I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Layla. She has been an absolute rock through my journey. Always there to talk to and bounce ideas off she is 1 in a million.

Thank you so much Layla

Ben, Dorset 

"I followed Layla’s meal plan over a four week period in July/August 2021 and, though it took a few days to get used to, not only did I enjoy the menus very much but it kicked-started a whole new approach to healthy eating.  

Today I still plan my meals using the principles contained in the meal planner:  eating at certain times, cutting right back on bread, potatoes and pasta and replacing them with tasty alternatives. 

By combining the meal planner principles with regular exercise (walking at least 3-5 miles a day) I have lost a stone in weight and feel so much better for it. 

I am going to start following the meal plan again shortly as it was such a beneficial experience."


Mick, Tunbridge Wells

"After suffering for many years with digestive problems, I contacted Layla.

She asked me about my medical history and quickly worked out that I had a Candida overgrowth. She recommended cutting out certain food groups, combined with taking various supplements.

What can I say? Wow! What a difference! In just 3 months my bloating and stomach pains have completely disappeared! My stools are solid and my cravings for bread, crisps and sugar have gone.

Thank you Layla!"


Louise, Dorset 

My Energy Has Gone from Zero to 70%

‘After suffering with chronic fatigue for some time, I was looking for a local Nutritionist and came across Layla's site. Having worked with Layla now for nearly 6 months, my health is continuing to improve and the fatigue improving with it. I am so grateful to Layla and I’m glad I found Layla when I did’.

‘Layla is very knowledgeable and extremely passionate about work. After my initial testing, Layla explained the reasons behind why I was feeling my symptoms and worked with me to determine a plan to address them.

Layla is also very responsive to any ad-hoc questions, and nothing is too much trouble for her. I would definitely recommend Layla to friends and family’.

Marcello, Dorset

"Layla has been absolutely brilliant in her consultations and her knowledge is amazing. 

She’s always available to talk and chat too and she really knows how to deep dive in to your health problems and order you the best tests to diagnose and confirm any issues and to lay out a treatment plan. I would highly recommend her"

Darren, Dorset