My own health journey started in my late teens and early twenties as I struggled to maintain a steady weight and often felt that my skin and energy levels were not optimal. This led me to start reading, and this is where my passion began.

About Me

What we eat and how we live our lives affects how we look and feel and researching into this became my goal. Changing habits take time and through my twenties I would go through periods of amazing health and wellbeing, to periods of stress, personal trauma, workload imbalance, relationship challenges and the burden of living in a toxic environment within the city.

My passion for health and wellbeing then grew when my husband and daughter both faced health challenges, and I once again made it my personal goal to help them to feel better. A predisposition to the symptoms of IBS, SIBO, candida, leaky gut, sleep issues, anxiety, stress, hormonal imbalances and cravings led me to find Patrick Holford’s books and subsequently to begin studying at the ‘Institute for Optimum Nutrition‘.

I decided to take on the four years of study to fully immerse myself in the knowledge that I was so keen to understand in more depth, not only so that I could help my family but also other people who are not feeling at their optimal health and wellbeing.

Layla Gordon
Registered Nutritional Therapist
DipION, mBANT, CNHC, O.A. Dip. (Master Herbalist), Ba (Hons)