You can work with me on a 1-2-1 basis where I am available in person in my clinic in Lower Parkstone, or over Zoom. Initial consultations are 60 minutes long with follow ups being 50 minutes per session.

1-2-1 Sessions

Book a 60 minute session for £140, or a pack of three for £395

Before we first meet, I will send you a health questionnaire to complete and this will give me a good understanding of some of the symptoms that you are experiencing, any predisposing or lifestyle factors and may be accompanied by a short food diary to fill in.

Once this has been returned I will deep dive into your case and in our first 1-2-1, I will listen to your thoughts and concerns around the reasons you have come to see me.

From there I will put a comprehensive plan in place that may include functional testing.  

1-2-1 Sessions

The Plan for your Sessions

In the initial session, I will explain some of the reasons you may be having symptoms, what this means, and we can come up with some ideas around addressing these for you. This may include supplements, testing and/or some simple diet, exercise and lifestyle hacks.

In follow up sessions we reflect on your progress, and we continue to make tweaks to further optimise your health so that you can feel better in yourself again. We will then put the maintenance phase in place. 

If this sounds like something you need and would like to explore further then please click here to book your initial 60 minute consultation. 

Book a 60 Minute Consultation