What is ADHD and IBS Connection?

What is ADHD and IBS Connection?

What is ADHD and IBS Connection? Studies contain considerable evidence supporting this low dopamine hypothesis, whereby an underlying dopamine deficit would be responsible for at least part of the ADHD spectrum.

But how can diet influence mental health in relation to ADHD? This is where we turn our attention to the gut-brain–microbiome axis. Diets rich in vegetables, fibre and micronutrients such as vitamins D and C, probiotics and prebiotics, fermented foods, anti-inflammatory and omega-3-rich foods that are low in bad fats, and low in refined carbohydrates promote positive mental health.

Low dopamine, in the case of ADHD, may cause sugar cravings, as those individuals look to seek out ways to ‘fill’ the dopamine receptors that are low in dopamine, giving a calming effect in the short-term, but possibly causing downstream negative effects on the health of the digestive system.

Craving sugar is a natural response as the brain craves glucose to function, but this craving may be heightened in ADHD.

ADHD can also come with what is termed as ‘emotional dysregulation’ which can make it hard for a person with ADHD to regulate their emotions. This can lead to a person overreacting, taking risks, feeling depressed or anxious and this ‘may’ also be what then contributes to the physiological occurrence of IBS in many people with ADHD. For this reason it is always good to inform yourself as much as possible as to whether you or anyone that you know may have ADHD, so that you can help to manage the symptoms using a blend of lifestyle and natural interventions.

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