Fed up with feeling tired all the time and not getting the most out of your day-today life? READY to start feeling full of energy so you can get more enjoyment out of your day?

The Complete Health Path For Men

Want to go from struggling with your weight, energy and focus – to absolutely thriving and smashing your goals?

The Complete Health Path For Men is a 1-2-1 total mind and body reset designed for busy professionals who want to lose weight, increase their energy, feel more focused at work, address gut issues AND develop some key steps to balance their mind while creating habit-changing steps.

You will be working exclusively with me Layla Gordon, plus my guest Transformation Coach Bez Milford and Fitness for Men PT Vanessa Van Dyk. 

Hi, I’m Layla and I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist based in Dorset. I’m passionate about delivering an evidenced-based and comprehensive service to my clients that will enable them to get to the root cause of their health concerns. I use the functional medicine model to deep dive into each health profile to give me a bird’s eye view for a complete health picture. I can then take a look at the body as a whole and use a therapeutic approach to peeling away layers of niggling symptoms one-by-one to help my clients to finally feel better in themselves. I’m excited to welcome Bez and Vanessa into my VIP programme. I’ve chosen to work with them because their skills complement our shared goals, enabling our clients to get the most of out of a full 360, mind and body reset. 

Hi, I’m Bez and I’m so excited to be working with Layla on this amazing life changing health transformation programme. I am passionate about helping people gain the most from their mind and body. We are a product of our habits so what we do on a consistent basis will over time create our reality. My job as a Transformation Coach is to help people take on and develop the positive habits that they need to gain the most out of their physical as well as mental health. My clients typically manage to lose weight effortlessly as well as gain more energy and take control of their mind/emotions helping them to reduce stress and experience a far more fulfilling life. With Layla’s expertise in nutrition and my guidance with some mind and body exercises in this program you will be well on your way to a total life transformation

The Complete Health Path in Detail

This programme is 12 weeks long with an eight week long aftercare package. You will see myself, Layla Gordon on Zoom for five 1-2-1 sessions, and each week you will provided with pre-recorded videos from the team as well as a motivational checklist and materials to keep you on track. 

This course is for you if any of these sound familiar?

You’ve experienced a slow and steady increase in weight?

Imagine feeling:

This is a unique and exclusive programme that has been specifically designed to cover all aspects of your health and wellbeing journey.

So what’s involved in your transformation?

  • A full health form will be analysed using the functional medicine approach taking a look at the body as a whole
  • If testing is required then this will be offered to you and analysed using my evidenced based approach to healthcare and nutritional science
  • Supplements may be recommended and advice will be given around which foods to avoid/increase
  • Symptoms will be comprehensively checked and tracked at every stage
  • You will be educated on areas such as sleep, energy, gut health, brain health and how to future proof your health
  • A detailed ‘low stress, low carb, high variety’ recipe guide will be provided to you at each 4 week session
  • Our guest ‘Transformation Coach’ will guide you through habit changing steps during our check-in points using his 10 minute practices and easy to follow handouts.
  • Our guest ‘Fitness for Men’ PT will guide you through a series of pre-recorded HITT workouts with the option of virtual or physical 1-2-1 session as a bolt on. 
  • Overall goals will be set and tracked at every stage to track your progress to wellness
  • A dedicated check in service will be provided using your personal and confidential client portal

In summary we will help to:

By the end of the journey, you will have been on a true mind and body transformation. You will be more aware of what you should avoid to feel better, and you will be equipped with the tools to make these positive changes for yourself going forward.

If you would like to find out more about working with us, then please contact Layla via layla@laylagordon.uk

If you would like to discuss this further, then please click below to enquire. Layla will be happy to schedule in a free power call with you to chat about whether this could be the right scheme for you.

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