Six Easy Ways to Avoid Burnout so That You Can Excel at Everything You Do! 

Six Easy Ways to Avoid Burnout so That You Can Excel at Everything You Do! 

Latest research has revealed that we are more productive as a result of the pandemic. Great! We are all working from home more, spending less time commuting, and technological advances such as Zoom and Google Drive have taken centre stage in our lives. What could possibly be the problem? 

The problem is that there is now very little divide between our home life and our work life and there is a danger that this could lead to feelings of burnout, overwhelm and anxiety.  Just as we’ve been able to relish in the positives of staying at home more often, having more quality time with our loved ones and being able to run a Zoom meeting in our PJ’s, we now need to be mindful of the negative impact the current climate might be having on our wellbeing. 

Just like you, I feel it too. I have been studying hard throughout the pandemic. Late nights and early mornings meant that my laptop has never been far from my side. And as I’m busy setting up my business, I am now finding myself in a maze of online platforms and social media content that has pulled me and sucked me into a sea of incredible connections and speedy technology! 

Are you also prone to any of these? 

1 – Working like a hermit? 

I don’t seem to be able to stop, because I LOVE what I do!!! But getting really stuck into your work projects is not necessarily going to give you the best outcome. 

You need to make sure you’re making real life connections with the outside world. It can feel like a huge commitment to leave our desks to meet a friend for a coffee, lunch or dinner date. But finding the time will inevitably refresh your mind and help to increase levels of your happy and calming hormones! 

2 – Checking your emails in bed? 

Yes, this automatic habit will no doubt get you a head start with your inbox, but it will be triggering your stress response from the get-go! Spiking your cortisol levels last thing at night by replying to those niggling queries or responding the minute you wake up could impact how you feel throughout the rest of the day. 

You need to make sure you’re taking a few deep breaths to let your thoughts come and go for at least five minutes at the start and end of every day. You don’t need to be sitting on a cushion with your legs crossed to practise meditation and mindfulness. You can lie in bed, take some deep breaths and allow yourself to gather your thoughts and feel grateful in that moment before you unearth the inbox. 

3 – Staying ‘on call 24/7’? 

Since the pandemic, there has been very little, if any, physical end to the working day. Being on call 24/7 might get you that promotion in the end, but what is it really doing to your physical and mental health? 

It’s important to create boundaries around your personal and work life. This is difficult to do with just pure will and mindset changes. You may benefit from actually changing out of your work clothes and into your home clothes, as a signal to your brain that the working day has ended. 

4 – Feeling that you need to get back to everyone straightaway? 

I personally hate my phone being full of alerts and I feel guilty if I’m leaving someone waiting for a reply. But I’ve learnt that it is best to park some messages that can wait, and not feel guilty. If it was that urgent, they would call! 

We all need to be more understanding as we emerge from this pandemic. I’ve personally learnt that people do need space to do things in their own time, and at their own pace and in their own way – you included! 

5 – Letting the tech join you at the dinner table 

Ever been caught checking your phone while wolfing down your lunch or sitting at the dinner table with your laptop open on a spreadsheet that needs doing?!? 

Try to detach yourself from technology when it’s time to eat. Eating slowly and mindfully is so important for optimal digestion of nutrients. We need to chew our food at least 20 times per mouthful to get the digestive juices flowing for better digestion too, so put the tech away, take a deep breath and slowly enjoy your food. 

6 – Not giving yourself time to recharge and reboot, ever, properly!! 

Ok, so no one has been on holiday for 18 months! We might be chilling in the garden, or going for extra walks in nature, but it’s limited compared to the detachment we used to get from our day-to-day lives. 

Try to rest and reboot more often and for longer. You will not only feel less stressed and burnt out, but you may find that you have a clearer head and can actually get more done when you do return to your desk. 

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