Did You Know That We Have Millions of Critters That Live Inside of Us and Produce Our Energy?

Did You Know That We Have Millions of Critters That Live Inside of Us and Produce Our Energy?

Mitochondria are known as the powerhouses of the cells, and they are vital for survival as they generate ATP from the food we eat. The process is known as cellular respiration. Loss of function in mitochondria can result in fatigue. 

When mitochondria are damaged, they produce less energy. This may occur as a result of medication use, infections, environmental toxins, a poor diet, or our decreased capacity to handle stress.  

The most common symptoms are fatigue and brain fog, other symptoms include, pain, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, lack of focus, cardiovascular problems, vision and hearing problems, learning disabilities, autism, liver and kidney disease, gastrointestinal disorders and even diabetes  

Treatment may include: 

Targeted vitamins and supplements, exercise, a phytonutrient rich diet, time restricted eating, the use of keto, hot and cold exposure, as well as avoiding and removing toxins such as heavy metals, plastics and food additives. Getting Adequate sleep is also vital for mitochondrial health as well as looking at ways to minimise stress. 

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