I am very proud to be partnered with some incredible companies and inspiring people within the health and wellness space.

Corporate Partnership Programme

Layla is pleased to have partnered with the Longévité Clinic by Laetitia Keeling

Citing healthy living and wellness as the cornerstone of her family life, Laetitia lives and breathes longevity as a concept, and the benefits of investing deeply in your health span. Inspired by experts such as Professor David Sinclair as well as her personal experiences of receiving NAD+ treatments, Laetitia decided to create
Longévité Clinic to share the benefits and power of this critical coenzyme.

I came across NAD+ treatment through my own health challenges in November 2021. The impact of NAD+ treatment for me was life changing. After extensive research and further treatments, I knew I had to learn more and do something with this newly acquired experience and knowledge. After training with leading NAD+ suppliers and clinicians, I decided to create Longévité Clinic to share the benefits and power of NAD+ to improve and prolong people lives.

With over a decade of experience in the Medical Technologies sector, Laetitia was involved in projects such as supporting the development and launch of the first ever sutureless biologic aortic valve. Laetitia currently lives in Dorset with her husband and two children.

Ownlife Analytics

The clever guys behind Ownlife Analytics will take you on a unique journey of personal transformation.

Working closely within large corporations at a premium level, Ownlife Analytics uses cutting edge technology and extensive data to analyse employees lifestyle habits in order to help them to optimise their productivity and essentially feel better and achieve more!

This is an individualised journey that can change an organisation’s culture & productivity. Ownlife’s unobtrusive 8 week programme uniquely blends cognitive performance analytics, wearable technology and behavioural science to empower individuals to find a balance that enables them to operate closer to their potential.

If you head up a busy organisation and would like to optimise the potential of your staff, or if you are a member of a forward-thinking organisation that may benefit from an all-encompassing programme such as this, then click here to get in touch with Jason & Rupert at Ownlife Analytics.

Mission Teas

When I was first introduced to Mission Teas by a friend, I was instantly intrigued by the concept. Many of my clients struggle with caffeine intake, energy levels and mental focus and I hadn’t yet come across a drink that addressed a balance between caffeine and herbal tea.  
Because Mission Teas are so low in caffeine, yet they include ingredients such a Yerba Mate and Matcha which offer a slower and more beneficial release of caffeine, I’ve become keen on recommending these blends to my clients.  
I also like the concept of incorporating a blend of teas that can be used at different stages throughout the day. As a Registered Nutritional Therapist I’m always looking for ways that my clients can make small measurable changes to their daily habits to get the most out of their day-to-day lives, so that they can achieve more in whatever it is that they are doing. Mission Teas encompass this from not only a holistic and nurturing perspective, but they are backed by science, which is why I choose Mission Teas for myself and for my clients.  

If you would like to try Mission Teas then I could recommend their discovery pack https://missionuk.com using the discount code LAYLA20 for a 20% discount. 

R1se Gym

I’m excited to have an affiliate partnership with R1se Gym.

R1se is a fresh hub with a studio, coffee shop, and gym. The site embodies next level fitness, with industry leading classes, high-end functional equipment and bespoke zones for training, strength and recovery, and PT’s who train professional athletes. Their state-of-the-art lighting and sound system creates total escapism. Now is the time to R1SE and unleash your full potential.

If you would like to know more about R1se then feel free to drop me a message and I can direct you to a member of the team who will show you around and also offer you a personalised discount code!

I am pleased to be able to a special membership rate for all clients who are within my ‘Complete Health Path’ programme community. If you would like to know more about R1se then feel free to drop me a message and I can direct you to a member of the team who will show you around.